Inclinometer SE Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Ipad Iphone Clinometer and slope finder review

Level and slope angle finder $1,99.

RollMeOver a clinometer / inclinometer / tilt Meter App for Android Version 2.0

Version 2.0 RollMeOver is a clinometer / inclinometer / tilt Meter for use when driving Off-Road. The application provides...

Helicopter Blade Pitch Adjustment Using an Android Inclinometer App.

Setting up and correcting static tracking using an Inclinometer based application.

iHandy Level iPhone App Review Here's a review of the iHandy Level app for the iPhone.

Steren Combination Compass / Clinometer Tool

Review of the Steren 203-661 Combination Compass / Clinometer Tool. Similar to the Suunto Tandem. Designed for Satellite dish technicians. Available here:

How to Create an Inclinometer using a Raspberry Pi and an IMU

This guide covers how to use an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with a Raspberry Pi to create an inclinometer, just like the type you will find in a 4WD.

Clinometer Relative Angle

This video show the relative angle mode of our famous clinometer app.

Digital Bevel Box Inclinometer Angle Gauge Meter Protractor 360° Magnets Base

App Clinometer para Android

Funcionando en Xiaomi Note 4, android 6.0.1.

4x4 App Inclinometer

4x4 App is an offroad inclinometer (sometimes called a clinometer, tilt meter, or land meter) designed to measure your vehicle's angles of pitch and roll while offroading to avoid potentially...

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